Drum roll please! This is my favorite page to write!

It’s about my team. Without them I would not be where I am today. They push me to do more, be more and want to be better. When It Works! inducted 14 new millionaires into the Millionaires Club, 12 were on my team and 4 of the 12 were personally enrolled to me. I cannot even describe the emotions I felt when they were announced.

When these team members decided to join me on this journey a few years ago, we would talk and dream about the day that this would happen. But none of us actually knew without a doubt that this day would actually come… we all just stepped out in blind faith and trusted the process.

Today, I can’t believe we are multi-millionaires, blazing the trail with the rest of the team following behind with this amazing vehicle. What I love is that what we are doing actually works: the numbers don’t lie and we are raising up more millionaires than ever before. We have a system and a team that work. That’s the bottom line, and we want to bring as many people as we can along this journey with us!

I could not be any more proud of my team and company. The hard work and determination they have invested to change their lives and the lives of others, is simply astonishing. Here at It Works! and with Team Kami, we want you to succeed, we want you to reach your potential and then we want to celebrate you and have fun the whole time we are doing it!

The It Works Millionaires Club 2015 is comprised of: Kami Dempsey, Madra Jones, Stefani and Joel Dunn, Lori and Quintin Conway, Ronda and Ray Hartman, Mel and Blair McFarlane, Tina Beer, Kaye Sowder, Rusty and Robin Lackey, Tina and Bubba Hatcliff, Ronnessa and Dario Brown, Daniel and Ashley Sinclair, Shelley and Jeff Hyde*, Kristi and Marc DeJesus, Barbara Boser, Tyson and Shelby Bowman, Denise and Brandon Walsh*, Kirsten and Brett Johnson, Carla Burns*, Kris and Nikki Moore, Dave and Debbie Sasek*, and Lisa Fuller.

* denotes someone we personally enrolled!

It has been such an honor to watch this generation of leaders rise up and really make a difference! I am excited to see what the future brings for my team, and I’m guessing it’s going to be nothing short of amazing!


Brandon and Denise Walsh

Kami has believed in me before I
have believed in myself. She is a
visionary who has a heart of gold!
I am blessed because of her
influence in my life.

Carla Burns

When I first met Kami 7 years ago, we were pioneers.
We didn’t have experience and we didn’t have all the
answers, but what we had was the wrap! Kami inspired
me to believe in this industry and to believe in myself
that I was worth so much more.

Kami has grown into an icon for our industry an the
freedom it offers when you give it your all. In my
wildest dreams I would not have believed I would
become a millionaire so quickly selling a wrap!
God knew I needed the voice of encouragement...
that was Kami!

Debbie and Dave Sasek
Kami is an extraordinary leader. She is
committed, optimistic, caring and driven!
She truly has a heart and passion to help
others succeed. It has been an incredible
FUN filled journey to work with Kami!
We are blessed to have her in our lives.

Shelley and Jeff Hyde

Kami is an amazing leader and coach.
I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it
wasn’t for her leadership. She has taught
me how to be a great mentor to my team.