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Ditching Mom Guilt for Good with My Son, Landon Dempsey

Mom guilt? (Or dad guilt)… If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve felt it. I’ve been working my home-based business for 16 years and I’ve met a lot of working moms and dads along the way. And one thing I’ve watched parents struggle with over and over again is their guilt. We’re afraid we’re missing out, afraid we’re working too much, afraid we’re too disconnected… The list of self-sabotaging thoughts goes on and on! I know because I’ve been there too. The enemy has worked overtime to make me feel like a bad mom too many times! But my oldest [...]

How to Be a Smart Steward of Your Money

You all know that I'm super passionate about my kids, teaching, and coaching, but most of you don't know just how passionate I am about money. But it's not just about making money... It's about saving, stewarding, and being able to be generous with my money! Money management was something that my parents instilled into us at a very young age, but I'm obviously not an expert! So in this episode, I brought in my dear friend and financial planner, Bill Johnson. Lean in while we chat about lessons I've learned and dive into the basics of money management. I [...]

Advocating For Yourself

Have you ever said yes to someone or something, even though you really wanted to say no?  Most of us have. And many of us will keep doing it, no matter how stressed/overwhelmed/burnt out it might make us feel afterward. WHY do we do this?!! It can boil down to a lot of different reasons… lack of boundaries, wanting to please other people, scared of confrontation, etc.  But, ultimately… it means we’re not advocating for ourselves like we should.  So, what does it mean to advocate for yourself & why does it matter? To put it simply… advocating [...]