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Advocating For Yourself

It didn't "hit" me until this last year, but I really believe that advocating for yourself is one of the most powerful tools you have. It's an opportunity to speak up for yourself when your voice isn't being heard. A chance to ask for help, mentoring, or attention when you need it. A skill you can use to negotiate on your behalf, or on someone's else (like your children, your teammates, or your employees). The ways you can advocate for yourself are endless, but it's a tool everyone needs in their toolbox. Hear how it's changed my life... and I [...]

When Quitting Becomes a Good Thing

As someone who's extremely competitive and spent years as a basketball coach, quitting has never been a big word in my vocabulary. I've always been the person to advocate for finishing what you start, no matter how hard it gets. And as much as I still believe in pushing through the hard stuff that makes you better and stronger, I recently heard a new angle on quitting that made a lot of sense to me... We need to quit doing things that don't serve us. I'm not just talking about quitting a bad habit like smoking. I'm talking about the [...]

How to Deal With Disappointment

It doesn't matter where you're from or who you are... we all have to deal with disappointment throughout our lives. It's not fun. It's not easy. ...But it IS necessary, and it does make you stronger! The last year has been especially difficult for many reasons, and I know most people of us struggled with disappointment multiple times. And while I'm not saying I have ALL  the answers, I've definitely been there! I've dealt with disappoint many times and discovered some helpful tools to cope along the way. I hope you find some value in this episode, and as always, [...]