You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

Welcome back to another episode of My Mantra Series! This is something that I have said to myself over and over again and maybe you have to… You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are! Now, you know just how competitive I am. Being around people tends to push me to work even harder and dig […]

Success Leaves Clues

Another episode of my mantra series coming at you! This one is all about success and getting your mindset primed for it… Success Leaves Clues. I strongly believe in the power of stories. Until you hear a story of someone elses success, I believe that your ability to believe in your future success is limited. […]

If You Fail to Plan You Plan to Fail

As a busy mom of now FIVE, I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t tell your time where to go, it’s probably going to end up in the wrong place. You can have the best intentions, but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail… and that is the title of my […]

Leaving People Better Than How You Found Them

Today’s mantra podcast is for anyone and everyone! Whether you’re in the business of network marking or an elementary school teacher… this one is for you. Leave people better than how you found them. If you know me, you know my true passion in life is people. I pride myself in seeing someone’s full potential […]

Claim Your Comeback with Real Talk Kim

SURPRISE!! I know this isn’t my usual podcast day, but with only one month left of 2021, I figured it’s worth a bonus episode! For this episode, I sat down with my friend, Real Talk Kim, to talk about how to claim your comeback. If you know who Real Talk Kim is… you know that […]

Why We Need to Prioritize Proximity More Than Ever

As someone who loves people & works alongside new people every day, I’m a big believer in the power of proximity when it comes to creating quality relationships. And for a long time, I just assumed that proximity meant closeness in space… like being in the same room together! But recently I looked up the […]

Advocating For Yourself

Have you ever said yes to someone or something, even though you really wanted to say no? Most of us have. And many of us will keep doing it, no matter how stressed/overwhelmed/burnt out it might make us feel afterward. WHY do we do this?!! It can boil down to a lot of different reasons… […]

5 Reasons It Works! is NOT the Company It Used To Be…

It Works! is not the company it was when I joined almost 14 years ago… IT’S BETTER! Better compensation plan, better products, better branding, better systems… the list goes on and on! Don’t get me wrong – we’ve had the heart, the culture, and the people for a long time … but the business opportunity […]

3 Telltale Signs of a Great Leader

While there’s no definitive list of what it takes to be a great leader, there are certain characteristics and skills that come to mind when I think about all the leaders that have impacted my life and leadership over the years. As you work on growing your own leadership skills, take an inventory of each […]

5 Lessons I Lived By While I Built A 7-Figure Business

While I didn’t start my business with any real sales experience (well, besides selling some girl scout cookies and setting up a few lemonade stands), I learned firsthand what it takes to build a stable and successful business from the ground up. People often ask me what the “secret” to my success is… The un-sexy […]