The Compound Effect Of Consistency


If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my years in business… there is no shortcut to success.

If you want results in any area of your life, you have to be willing to put the work in!

If you want to lose weight, you can’t go to the gym one time or eat one salad and expect to be a different pant size… right?

You have to take action day in and day out, for an extended period of time, before you ever see the reward of your hard work.

The same goes for your business! And while I don’t believe that ANYONE needs to spend hours upon hours working their business every single day in order to be successful, I do believe you need to take daily action.

That might mean an hour a day, or 10 minutes in the morning, at lunch and before bed. Whatever it looks like for you and your schedule, the CONSISTENCY is the most important part.

Consistent action, compounded over extended periods time, is how you create momentum and massive success.

So, how do you stay consistent?!

In this episode, I share some of my favorite tips, tricks & mindset adjustments to stay consistent no matter how busy you are or what’s going on in your life.

I can’t wait to hear what you think… and, as always, I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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About the Author:

Kami Pentecost

Kami Pentecost

Kami Pentecost is a former educator turned entrepreneur. Today, she is a work-from-home mom, success coach, and best-selling author. Kami is a determined dreamer who loves to show people how to live the life they've always wanted!

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