Have you ever had a moment (or a series of different moments) that were so perfectly timed that it was hard to believe it was just a coincidence? I know I have, and I believe more than ever that those moments aren’t just happenstance or random – they are signs that God is on the move!

My dear friend, Jeff Eckart, introduced me to this idea that those “crazy coincidences” are so much more – they are truly divine appointments and the way I look at those moments in my life has forever changed since then!

Jeff is a longtime friend, prayer warrior, and a minister on a mission to change lives through the power of prayer – and I’m so grateful that he was able to join me as a guest on this episode!

We talk about what’s happening in the world today & the power of these divine appointments in our life… I hope you take as much away from our conversation as I did and I’d love to hear what spoke to you most!