Forever changed women's conference, 2023

A true encounter never leaves us the same.

Have you ever felt like something is missing? Like that nagging feeling you must be forgetting something?

Too often we spend too much of our life looking in the wrong place to fill that missing piece with all sorts of things. All sorts of the wrong things. Maybe it’s a relationship we desire, or the desire to get married, or have a family, or the comfort of having enough money in the bank… Or maybe we are longing for a dream job, a nicer home… 

If we aren’t careful we will become content being discontent! But what if we are looking in all the wrong places?!

Come, expectant, ready to have a WELL Encounter that will leave you forever changed.


Thursday, Oct 26: 6-9pm 
Friday, Oct 27: 9am -5pm
Lunch provided (on site)

Elevation Church Riverwalk

604 Celriver Rd

Rock Hill, SC 29730