People always want the “secret” to success… that one little thing they can do that will transform everything.

And while I don’t believe there’s only ONE thing, I can tell you there is huge power in getting outside your comfort zone regularly.

Every time you challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done, you grow in the process.

It’s almost like developing a muscle. Stretching yourself outside that comfort zone will never be easy, but you’ll get stronger each time you do it.

In a way, you’re getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Whether it’s business development, leadership, or just life in general – this regular practice of getting outside your comfort zone will have an incredible impact on your life.

For me, it’s been invaluable. I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown by tackling the things that scare me or make me uncomfortable. I share some of my own experiences in today’s episode & I can’t wait to hear what you think about our topic for today!