ItWorks Compensation Plan: Ways To Earn & Bonuses

Wondering all of the wonderful ways to earn with ItWorks Global? I took a minute to clarify each of the ways you can earn money with this home-based business. Make sure you clearly understand each of these ways to earn so you are not leaving any of your money behind!
1. ItWorks Residual Income  
2. ItWorks PARTY CASH  

$499 BOOSTER PACK: Boost your sales with our Booster Pack for $499 ($720 retail value), you can earn $1000+ back in PARTY CASH.

  • Party with the booster pack applicators @ $25 a piece= $1,100


$149 MINI BOOSTER PACK (only available at time of enrollment): Boost for $149 ($268 retail value) and earn $300+ back in PARTY CASH!

  • Party with the mini booster pack applicators @ $25 a piece= $300
3. ItWorks Fast Start Bonus  
Want a weekly $100 bonus every Friday simply for training your distributors correctly? The Fast Start Bonus is a $100 CASH bonus you can earn by enrolling new distributors who meet the Fast Start qualifications in their first 30 days. Fast start bonuses are directly deposited into your account every Friday for each qualified new personally enrolled.
What does it mean to be Fast Start qualified?

YOU will earn the $100 Fast Start Bonus:

  • Every time you personally enroll new distributors on your team and THEY have their account set up correctly
    (ItWorks distributor account set with qualifying 80BV autoship)
  • And they find their two Loyal Customers in their first 30 days


REMINDER! You must have completed both steps above in order for you to be qualified to earn Fast Start Bonuses

  • Note: You don’t have to be Fast Start qualified yourself when you enroll a new Distributor, but you do need to become Fast Start Bonus Qualified within your new Distributor’s first 30 days in order to collect a Fast Start bonus on the new Distributor.
4. ItWorks Loyal Customer (formerly CAR Bonus)  

Gathering loyal customers and providing them with excellent service is just as important as building a team of Distributors. The Loyal Customer Bonus rewards you for just that!

Personally enroll and maintain a minimum of 60 Qualified Active Loyal Customers and accumulate $3,000 Personal Bonus Volume for the month and It Works Global pays you an extra $600 every month you are qualified! This is $600 on top of all of your other monthly commissions just for meeting that goal.

5. $120 Distributor Rebate Credit  

Receive the Distributor Rebate Credit, or $120 in product credit that rewards you for gathering four Qualified Active Loyal Customers within your first 30 days .

1. Purchase the Business Builder kit .

2. Set up your minimum 80 BV auto-shipment to process in your first 30 days .

3. Enroll 4 Qualified Active Loyal Customers

6. ItWorks Wrap Rewards  

As you continue to enroll Loyal Customers you’ll earn Wrap Rewards you can use to purchase the It Works! Wrap or the It Works Facial Applicator at a reduced price and FREE shipping.

  • Receive one Wrap Reward for every two Qualified Active Loyal Customers you enroll
  • These rewards are good for 60 days from the date they are applied to your account .
  • This reward is forever! Sometimes people get confused thinking it’s only for your first 30 days.


Contact me today to learn how I retired from teaching and coaching and am now changing the legacy of my family forever with this top network marketing company’s compensation plan. Dreams really do come true. What are you waiting for?

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Kami Pentecost

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