How to Make Fast Cash With Keto Coffee

What if I told you that you could get paid to drink Keto Coffee & share how much you love it?!

I know, I know… it sounds too good to be true, but there are tons of people making bank sharing our Keto Coffee and YOU can too!

Think about it this way: when you see a great movie and recommend it to a friend, you don’t get paid when they go to the movie theatre and buy a ticket to see it.

When you go to an amazing restaurant and refer a friend to check it out, you don’t get paid when they go eat there.

But when you share your love for Keto Coffee & people ask… “Where can I get that?!” – you ARE going to get paid for that!

So, if you love Keto Coffee like I do (and you love the idea of making extra money), keep reading & I’ll teach you exactly how you can turn coffee stash into cash!

keto coffee cash
Step 1: Get people interested

Don’t overcomplicate this part – the key to getting people interested in trying Keto Coffee is to show people how much YOU love drinking it!

If you’re a brand new distributor joining us while we have our limited-time Keto Coffee Starter Kit, you’re already getting 2 full bags just by signing up!

And while you can definitely sell all 30 packets to make a profit right away, I would recommend using 5-10 of them for yourself so that you can share your own personal experience with it!

This allows you to be a “product of the product” and it will make selling feel a lot more like sharing because you’ll be talking about your personal experience!

If you’re already a distributor or simply want more coffee on top of what comes with your Keto Coffee kit, the most cost-effective way to stock up is to take advantage of our buy 3, get 1 free deal!

You can use one bag yourself to create content & develop your product testimony, and sell the other three bags for a profit.

15 packets per bag x 4 bags = 60 packets!

Even if you use 15 for yourself, you can still sell 45 of them at $5 USD each to make $225 cash!

keto coffee cash
And there are so many ways you can start sharing it on social as well as in-person to get people interested in trying it for themselves…

Facebook or Instagram LIVE: Going LIVE is a great way to get in front of new people who might not normally see your content. You can show people how you make your Keto Coffee, talk about the personal benefits you’ve experienced, or you can do more of a “soft-sell” by making & drinking your Keto Coffee while you talk about something totally different!

Pay attention to who jumps on to watch your LIVE & write their name down so you can reach out and ask if they’re interested in trying it!

Insta-story or Facebook story: Most people drink coffee everyday, which make stories the perfect way to keep Keto Coffee in front of your audience on a daily basis!

Have some fun with it & keep it fresh by using a mix of pictures, boomerangs, videos, polls & questions…

When people see that you’re OBSESSED with your coffee, they will eventually become curious and start asking questions.

Some will ask the first time they see you post about it, and others will watch you for weeks before they reach out! That’s why it’s so important to stay consistent.

Remember: anyone who is voting on your polls, jumping on your videos or engaging with your content is someone you should reach out & start a conversation with!

Step 2: Get samples in their hands

Once you’ve gotten someone’s attention through social media, your next step is to offer samples!

When they show interest in trying it, let them know that you sell them $5 each locally or 5 for $20 shipped!

And instead of asking “Are you interested?” assume the sale & ask them if they have Paypal or Venmo instead! (Or whichever app you may use to collect money)

Once you’ve been paid, get their order ready to ship out! Depending on how many samples you’re sending, you may have to use a bubble mailer or bigger envelope.

If you’re selling/including any other samples (like Greens on the Go, Collagen or Keto Energy), you’ll just want to include the product information sheet along with it!

A few things you can consider to make their experience that much better…

  • Creating a video to show them HOW to use the product (best practices, tips, what to expect, etc)! You can use this over and over again with every customer and it will show your customer that you are committed to helping them get the best results!


  • Including a handwritten thank you note, a product catalog, or a few tips on how to get the best results!
Step 3: Follow-up

Once they receive their sample, it’s time to follow up & see how they like it!

Ask them how they liked the taste (and if they didn’t love it, offer suggestions on how else to try it!), how they felt, and then… offer the upgrade!

And if they’re not ready to upgrade right away, keep the follow-up going every week!

Step 4: Offer your discount to upgrade!

While it’s awesome to make fast cash selling samples, we ultimately want everyone to become a Loyal Customer or Distributor!

Keep it simple & let them know they can get your 40% off discount & tons of extra perks when they become a customer.

Or they can get your discount AND make money as a distributor!

“I’d love to offer you 40% off your next order!”

“I know how much you loved the coffee! What do you think about getting my 40% off discount & getting paid to share it with other people?!

Again, even if they’re not ready RIGHT AWAY, your job is to continue following up.

Because when the timing IS right, you want to be the person they come to!

Step 5: Share it on social
And while you’re working your way through all of these steps, you should be sharing it on social along the way to continue getting Keto Coffee in front of your audience.
  • Take a screenshot every time you re-order your Keto Coffee to let people know you’re running low on samples. Not only does this show people that you genuinely love and use the product, but it creates social proof and urgency! When they see how much other people want to try it, it makes them want to try it too.
  • Snap a picture each time you’re sending out samples & put it up on your story. Keep creating that FOMO!
  • When you get a testimonial from one of your customers or someone who sampled, take a screenshot & post that too! Show people that you’re not the only one LOVING this coffee.


  • And for everyone who samples & upgrades to become a Loyal Customer or Distributor… share that too! Let people know how excited you are to hook them up with your discount (or to help them start making money too!)

And while it may take some time to be consistent with how you share it & get it in front of people, it really is this simple to start making money sharing your Keto Coffee!

I can’t wait for you to take all these tips & put them into action… and when you do, I want to hear about it!

Please reach out because I would love to hear your story & how this helped you!

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