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What began as a moment, became a movement.

The Well Encounter is a group of women who COME to the well to read the Word of God each day, GROW in the Word around other women and hunger to know God more. They then are compelled to GO share the blessing and the gift.

Inspired by the woman at the well, whose encounter with Jesus left her forever changed, we continue to create space for the encounter by reading one chapter of the Bible a day, one day at a time.

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Meet us on Zoom the first Saturday of every month for a time of fellowship, ministry, and a deeper understanding of why we gather at the well.

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Join us in our Facebook community where we read one chapter a day, one day at a time and discuss what we're learning together.

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@ The Well

“What started in a moment has turned into a movement. 5 years ago, I confessed to a group of girlfriends that I had never read the Bible cover to cover despite being a Christian my whole life. As much as I wanted to read and better understand God’s word, I was intimidated to start. I asked this group of trusted women to join me and the adventure began. Soon after, a few other women from an online study started reading one chapter a day, one day at a time with us too. Before long it transformed into a growing social media community where the sole focus was coming together to read and discuss what we were learning one chapter of the Bible at a time. In 2023, The Well Encounter. LLC Was formed and God brought Six women together to form a group of faithful servants with a simple goal: encountering Jesus in the Word, growing in their faith, and showing other women what it looks like to walk with Him daily. We can’t wait to grow with you!”

Kami Pentecost, Founder


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