God has blessed me, and blessed me INDEED! I have come to understand that all I have is given from Him. This understanding gives me the desire to be a good steward of all that God has given me. Not just a good steward of the money He has blessed me with, but also the spiritual gifts and talents I feel He built within me. I really enjoy “giving back.” What a blessing it is to be able to financially support Christian organizations that bring Glory to God’s Kingdom. How rewarding it is to let Christ speak through my gifts and talents by sharing the Gospel.


There are three organizations in particular that God has both laid on my heart and used to bring healing and freedom to my family and personal life. These organizations share the love of Christ and teach the Grace found in the Gospel.
The Marin Foundation

Marin from Danny McCusker on Vimeo
The Marin Foundation seeks to build bridges between the Church and the LGBT community through scientific research, biblical and social education, and diverse community gatherings. They hope to theologically, socially, and politically see divided communities reconciled with each other through a faith in God and each other. This is done by “elevating the conversation” from the current cultural engagement, the polarizing back-and-forth, win-lose rhetoric. Their “orientation” is one of Love.
Grace Life International


Grace Life International desires to help individuals, churches, and Christian groups of all types experience the intimacy, power and freedom of knowing Christ IN them as their LIFE. This is called the Exchanged Life. They provide their ministry both nationally and internationally through biblical counseling, Grace Life Conferences, Advanced Discipleship Training, retreats, and preaching. Their purpose is to glorify God by clearly communicating the message of the Exchanged Life in such a way that people’s lives are transformed forever by the Truth they hear.