Millionaire Mommy, Coach, motivational speaker, author of “Retire your Husband”.

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My Name is Kami. I absolutely love this vehicle of Network Marketing. I am as excited today if not more then I was 8 years ago when I started this journey. I am so excited to partner with you to help you reach your goals. I want to get to know you first and foremost. I want to uncover your unique gifts and talents. I want to know what makes you tick. Although you don’t need help from your sponsor to be successful in It Works! it sure makes the experience that much greater. I firmly believe in partnering to use your strengths and mine together synergistically to be the BEST we can be. Now that is leverage and that is how God created us to work, in community.

Yes I am the top income earner in It Works! but aside from that I have coached and mentored many of the top income earners in It works personally to massive success. I am still in the trenches today. I am a firm believer that when you are doing what you were created to do, you never work a day in your life and that is exactly where I am today. I travel, I do parties, I blitz, I make videos, I blog, I do it all. My favorite part of this business is not just the money, although it’s very real and way fun, it’s the PEOPLE. Our culture is “set apart”. We fight hard on the #DreamTeam to be ONE TEAM on ONE MISSION. The better we all do, the better It Works! does and the more secure all our income is. We really have something special and our team takes it to a #WholeNothaLevel.

I can’t wait to partner with you. I am beyond excited you are looking to start a home based business. While you will be starting your own business and may be the first time you have ever been in business for yourself, you will not be by yourself. We are serious about this opportunity, the income available and the personal development that comes along with it. Have fun checking out Nathan and I, the team we have built and the company we have chosen to partner with. It’s a perfect storm opportunity. I don’t think you were brought here by chance, I believe you were brought to us by divine appointment and we take that seriously.


Kami Dempsey is a top income earner in It Works! and was featured in Networking Times Magazine as a master networker in 2014. Kami has also co-authored the book, Retire Your Husband.

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Leadership Events

Kami is a natural born leader. Kami’s success comes from her hard work and determination, but most importantly, her leadership abilities. She is a positive role model and strives to develop and improve her skills on a daily basis. She is doing the work she was put on earth to do. That is a great definition of success!
Mark Pentecost, CEO of It Works Global
Having the opportunity to mentor Kami over the past several years has been such a joy. A great student is a person who not only learns the information but does a better job in presenting it. Kami has proven she is not only a great student but has become one of America’s top mentors on leadership.
Bob Goshen, Author, Speaker, and Mentor
Kami is so full of life and her motivation is contagious! She makes each and everyone of us work to be a better person. If it wasn’t for Kami’s support and friendship, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today!
Shelley Hyde, Ambassador Diamond, It Works Global
Kami is always 1 step ahead. She is able to vision where she and her team will be in the next 3-6 months, and she knows the daily actions that need to be done to take them there.
Denise Walsh, Ambassador Diamond, It Works Global